“Brand of Angels”

For a year, we searched for a seamstress, resources, we researched everything we could to do a full cut and sewn project for our first collection “Brand of Angels”.


This collection was big to us because of where it stemmed from. We didn’t want to just create pieces without using our own personal inspiration behind it. We worked hard & focused harder to get the collection off of the ground. Searching everywhere for the best fabrics, over staying our stay in LA to find & see the best of fabrics, running through NYC to use the best resources. Giving our seamstress space, time & opportunity to do the job freely without feeling like it had to be labor. We chose not to use a manufacturer to get the project completed. We didn’t  allow cheap labor to have a part in this project either. This was apart of the plan and through faith, hard work & dedication it worked out for our brand in the end. It literally took everything we had and more when it came down to the funds, creativity, learning new things to get this project started & completed. We understood what it could take from the start. But when things actually start to process you almost feel as if you were never prepared. We persisted, learned, and displayed tremendous growth during this project. The cost of each piece was dictated on the cost to make each piece, the cost of the fabric etc. We still chose to keep the price far more reasonable than we had to. To be a small black owned & operated brand, there’s always the “he say, she say” when it comes to quality and the level of work being put into the brand. But we hope that when you buy L A  C H A L E U R, you don’t see a stereotype but you receive amazing pieces with even better quality & design. We have been blessed to achieve things as early on as we have but we aren’t even close to reaching our full potential, still learning daily. Still motivated to be a better brand daily. We hope you catch on to L A  C H A L E U R, before the world does, you will always be rewarded in the end.

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